School Equity Program

Wetaskiwin Co-op has been a proud member of the Wetaskiwin community for 100 years. We want our community to continue to thrive, and we know that the more we invest in our youth and young families, Wetaskiwin will continue to be a safe, strong and vibrant city. As a co-operative, we are owned by our members and every year each member is allocated a portion of their purchases back in equity. The percentage of equity may be different for each commodity and this is decided by the Board of Directors annually. For the last several years, Wetaskiwin Co-op has been paying out 80% of this equity in cash to our members for a total of $5 million cash back since 2014. We want to invite the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools to participate in the Wetaskiwin Coop School Equity Program, which will allow schools to earn equity on both educational and personal purchases. Liquor and purchases under personal charge accounts are not eligible. Each participating school will be assigned a membership number at no charge and at the till, customers at all Wetaskiwin Co-op locations will have the option to use a school membership number. The equity earned from each of these purchases will be calculated based on Wetaskiwin Co-op’s fiscal year, November 1st – October 31st and 100% of the equity earned will be paid out to the school in early January. This type of fundraising initiative allows for greater donations back to the school and allows all schools to participate equally. For instance, if a school with 700 students had $1000 of purchases per family for a total of $700,000 in purchases that school would receive $14,000 cash back based on a 2% equity allocation. With the implementation of this program, the expectation is that both parties would participate in marketing and execution of this plan and any extra sponsorship requests from the schools will not be considered.

Sincerely, Allan Halter, General Manager. Co-op