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Thank you- Lakedell Fundraising Committee

At our most recent School Council/Lakedell School Fundraising Committee meeting, it was decided that the Fundraising Committee would donate sufficient funds to cover all costs associated with year-end field trips as well as the visit from the University of Alberta's DiscoverE program. This substantial financial support means parents will not have to pay $15-20 per child for Kraay Family Farms and Collicutt Centre visits in June. Lakedell School staff and families are grateful for this generous donation, and also thank all who participate in the fundraising efforts of the Lakedell School Fundraising Committee, including the purchase of greenhouse gift cards, support of the raffles at Christmas, and the Little Caesars fundraiser last autumn. This donation is 'above and beyond' the financial support given for student swimming lessons and skiing/snowboarding trips. We appreciate the efforts of our dedicated School Council/Lakedell School Fundraising Committee members.

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