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Drive-By Farewell

Parents and Guardians,

Lakedell School staff and Parent Advisory Committee have discussed year-end celebrations and observances, in the hopes of finding a way of allowing the children and ourselves to ‘say goodbye’ for the summer while maintaining protocols around physical distancing.

There are no easy ways to do this, but we believe we have developed a plan that will work; your cooperation is require to ensure we are complying with provincial government guidelines. In cooperation with the Lakedell Parent Advisory Committee/Fundraising Committee, we are hoping that we can have a successful event meeting everyone’s needs.

All Lakedell students and families are invited to a ‘drive-by’ farewell and salute to the school year at the school parking lot from 12:30 to 2:00 the afternoon of this coming Friday, June 12. Previously, Grade 6 families were invited to stop by the school anytime between 9:00 and 3:00, and that invitation remains; Grade 6 students will receive a gift of farewell. 

In order to allow everyone—staff and families—to stay safe and maintain physical distancing, we must have everyone stay in their vehicles. To help ‘spread out’ the traffic, you do not have to arrive at 12:30.

Please enter the school via the ‘second’ entrance near the ice rink. Proceed through the laneway, and follow the pylon lane that will be apparent. Staff members will be outside to welcome children and send farewells from a distance. While maintaining proper safety protocols, we will offer every child a frozen treat as they stop by the front of the school. We will not be able to visit for an extended period to allow as many visitors to ‘come-and-go’ as possible.

Report cards WILL NOT be handed out. WRPS has directed us to mail report cards, which will be done Monday.

If you feel comfortable driving through the parking lot on Friday, we look forward to seeing you. Please, do not leave your vehicle during this event.

Donald Teplyske, on behalf of the Lakedell School staff


Please see the following message from the Chair of our Fundraising Committee, Susann Stone:

Well 2019-2020 school year was a wild ride, there were so many successes for students throughout the entire year. It was an opportunity for the students and their families as well as teachers and staff to learn and adapt to something new for the last part of the year. We were fortunate that there was a super group of people to lead, mentor, and support the students from Lakedell School – the TEACHERS AND STAFF. 

They all embraced the challenge and continued to provide education to the students.  In many cases the teachers were learning the technology alongside the students which proved to be another way they mentored our children as they learn.

In honour of all their efforts and support, the Lakedell School Parent Fundraising Committee would like to invite you to a drive by community salute June 12, 2020 at 12:30-2:00 pm at the Lakedell School.   We encourage you and your family and any community members that may wish to join be ready to circle the parking lot at the Lakedell school to salute the end of the school year, the teachers and staff.  Decorate your cars and honk your horns, drop off thank you notes and return library books—we will have bins for collection and volunteers at the east end of the school.

The day of the parade please be aware that social distancing and mass gathering requirements are in place and the school will not be open to the public. We are very close to the highway so please be aware of all traffic laws and do not block the roadways. We hope that everyone will drive safely following road rules and any on the ground directions provided. Everyone is to remain in their vehicle at all times. If you have cards, notes, or gifts for the staff you may hand out the window in a safe manner at the east end of the school without delaying the flow of traffic. 

On behalf of the Lakedell School Parent Fundraising Committee, we will be providing a small gift for retiring Mrs. McLeod and those teachers and Educational Assistants who will be missed in the coming new school year: Mrs. Whenham, Mrs. Krause, Mrs. Leibel, and Mrs. Stephan.  The fundraising committee would also like to thank each family for supporting their own children and others through fundraising initiatives during the year.   

If you have any questions about the drive by parade please email,

Thank you and we hope to see you in the parade. Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Susann Stone


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